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IN EACH CLASS at Samuelson Academy (est. 1995) professional

teachers deliver a structured, focused, and consistent academic

curriculum of the highest standards to children and adolescents

grades 3 through 12.

AS ACADEMIC STANDARDS are raised each year, students are

less confident and less capable of reaching their highest potential.

WHY? One primary reason is that too little classroom time is spent

providing students the basic skills which are absolutely essential for

the high level of performance required today. Schools say “Do this!

And this!”, but children silently ask, or feel, “How?” Confusion and

insecurity are born-and grow.

FACED DAILY with results of the erratic changes within our schools,

we at Samuelson Academy believe in consistent fundamental skills-

training more than ever, because we witness the outstanding results

of such teaching, year after year.

WE DO NOT SEEK OR PROMISE fleeting, cosmetic changes in

student performance; rather, we take the long view, and build

strong foundations to support the highest levels of your children’s

achievement throughout their school years-and in adulthood.

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to explore the difference that our

focus and commitment can make for you and your children, by

phone, email, or through a personal visit.