Grammar Mastery



The Grammar Mastery Program engages and strengthens logic, analysis and reasoning—“critical thinking”—by focusing these mental activities on the internal structure of language itself.

Attention that is trained on the structure of language reveals the patterns of single words and groups of words that underlie the orderly meaning of our sentences, and therefore of our thought.  These patterns become more complex and subtle as writing becomes more advanced and sophisticated.  Such patterns of thought remain largely unrecognized, however, without  disciplined, step-by-step training.

“Grammar” is the traditional name of such training.  Systematic, step-by-step instruction in Grammar trains the young mind to recognize distinctions between various sentence elements, and to categorize and express the relationships among these elements.

Such analytical mental processes characterize all sciences and arts.   In traditional education, Grammar is the first science to be studied, because a command of language is essential to the apprehension of other sciences.

“But what about Writing?”  Modern education strongly emphasizes writing skills.  Let us examine the source of good writing. Good writing can be nothing other than the expression of clear thinking through organized, precise language.   Such clear thinking derives from the logical organization of ideas that are expressed in sentences.  The recognition of the patterns of words that describe ideas in sentences is trained through the study of Grammar.

Thus, the study of Grammar provides the “master key” to superior written and spoken communication—and by extension to critical reading, where one must process the written thoughts of another.

It is unfortunate that most modern education neither recognizes nor understands the key role that comprehensive Grammar instruction plays in the development of Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing skills, and thus ignores the impact of proper Grammar instruction on learning in all subject areas.

Through precisely structured, multi-sensory methods developed in live classes over the past 20 years, the Samuelson Grammar Mastery Program applies the critical thinking skills of logic, analysis and reasoning to the understanding of the structure of language.   The results of such training are superior academic performance in all subject areas, and success in later professional life.